Tanger, Marokko

about me

In 1993 I started researching for KRO info tv, The Netherlands. Working closely together with reportage- and documentary director Hans Wynants, I soon grabbed the camera and started editing myself, a novelty because tv production tasks where strictly divided then. This was the beginning of a long productive collaboration and a list of successful productions mainly for Dutch public television. From 1997 on I also started working ‘solo’, directing items, reports and documentaries and doing camerawork for other directors.

1961 Born in Zaandam, The Netherlands

1973 – 1988 High school, travelling, MO-A Dutch teacher SOL Utrecht, not completed

1993 Masters (MA/Drs) Utrecht University – AL, Art History and Cultural Education, completed

1993 – 1996 KRO TV research dept. Informative

1996 – 1998 Research and camera KRO Reporter with Steven de Vogel and Hans Wynants

1997 – present, Director for IDTV, IKON, NCRV, KRO, NTR (eg Dokument, Holland Doc.). AMC University, FORUM, NVVE, Province of Noord Holland, Noordhoff Publishers, VU University Medical Centre

1995 – present, Cameraman for BOS, IKON, KRO, NCRV, NMO, NTR, OHM, RTL News

2012 – present, teacher/lecturer journalism and programme making Windesheim University of Applied Sciences, Zwolle (part-time)

Work experience abroad – camera and / or direction. Burkina Faso 1996, Ethiopia 1997/2010, Uganda 1997, Peru 1999, Japan 2001, DRC / Congo 2004/2007, Suriname 2007, India 2008, Indonesia 2008, South Africa 2008, Russia 2008, Senegal 2009, Chile 2009, Morocco 2009, Egypt 2010, Israel 2011, Haiti 2012